Wax Melts

This is an excellent alternative to burning your favorite candle! Plug this one in and you are ready for an explosion of fragrance. It comes with a removable dish for melting either wax melts or container candles! No flame, no soot, just scent! Candle and wax melts are not included, but check out our extensive selection. You’ll be sure to find something you love!


Our hand-poured scented soy candles captivate the senses and enhance your living space with luxury fragrance oils that are phthalate-free, eco-friendly, and vegan. These locally-made non-GMO soy candles give you hours of burn time and will beautifully complement all spaces of your home. These 100% soy candles are hand-poured in small batches in Miami, OK using American-made soy wax, cotton wick, and jars.

Car Gems

What a perfect accent for your vehicle! The porous wooden lid absorbs the fragrance oil and wicks the delightful aroma into the air! As a bonus, the container’s prisms catch the light and add a touch of class. What more could you ask for? The hardest part is picking the candle fragrance you would like in your car gem. Each gem is made to order, and refills are available. Your car gem is made to order just for you. It comes with a plastic stopper, to keep the fragrance contained until ready for use. Simply remove the stopper and discard, securely place the lid on the gem and invert. The fragrance oil will saturate the lid, allowing the aroma to fill your vehicle. Periodically tip the gem to re-saturate the lid and enjoy!


The perfect alternatives to avoid flame smoke and soot are our unique diffusers and warmers, which providing a safe and clean alternative to filling your home with your favorite scents. Our LED illuminated warmers are typically able to accommodate wax melts and container candles! The whisper-quiet fan circulates your favorite fragrance, filling large spaces faster than ordinary candle warmers and candles.

Our reed diffusers are the perfect solution to create a peaceful ambiance in your home. Whether you want a heavy fragrance, or a light wafting throughout your room, our reed diffusers can give you full control! These attractive glass bottles come with 10 reeds, your choice of a black or silver lid, and allows you to increase the strength of the fragrance as much as you like. Make your home your own by choosing your fragrance today! As a bonus, these diffusers can last over 6 months depending on how many reed you use.