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Meet Janice

Owner, Candle Artisan

Being from a small town in Northeast Oklahoma, I’ve come to fully appreciate the quiet moments and enjoy savoring the moment. For over 30 years I was at the top of my profession as an account manager, until a work-related injury made it so I could no longer fulfill the requirements of my job. That’s when I said hello to “early retirement”! I’m not the stay-at-home and relax kinda girl, so my recuperation felt like an eternity!

Part of my rehab included 3 mile walks each day. On one of these walks, I told God I needed something to do! Deep in my soul, I heard…why not make candles? That was the start of an amazing “retirement plan”. So now, my mornings are filled with wax and melting pots, yummy fragrances, and a feeling of accomplishment! And as a bonus, I now have the best smelling trash in town! I love being able to make high-quality luxury candles and wax melts at an affordable price.

In addition, I’ve also added reed diffusers and car-scented gems as well as the cutest wax melt warmers! I offer wholesale opportunities, fundraisers for the local schools, and participate in local craft fairs and bazaars. Even going through life’s adversity, God has shown me I can do all things through Him through faith and lots of prayers! Now you know a bit about me, I’d love to hear from you and about how your day is going. Take care and stay safe!

Customer reviews

These candles are the best ever. I buy them as gifts and also for myself.

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Debbie Brokaw Howell

Rustic Lodge is one of my favorite scents!!

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Joni Gullet Cox

"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."